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The Diary of Anne Frank Tuesday, June 13, 1944

By Anne Frank

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Tuesday, June 13, 1944

  • Anne turns fifteen. She receives an art history book, a set of underwear, a handkerchief, two bottles of yogurt, a pot of jam, a spiced gingerbread cake, a book on botany, a bracelet, exercise books, sweet peas, three slices of full-cream cheese… The riches are stupendous given that just a couple months earlier she was eating rotten lettuce and endives.
  • The invasion is going well, with the Allied forces having captured many French towns.
  • Anne again points out how foolish the Dutch people are for thinking the English are lazy because they have not yet liberated Holland.
  • Anne reviews her faults and wonders if she is as arrogant as people think. She’s determined to change and tries to refute her accusers’ arguments against her character. She takes criticism very deeply to heart.
  • Anne thinks Peter loves her as a friend, not as a girlfriend. She feels like he isn’t sharing his whole self with her and can’t understand why he’s holding back.
  • Anne is aching to be outdoors and in nature. She feels that nature is rejuvenating and restores her courage.
  • Anne is an early feminist. She’s wondering why women have always been considered inferior to men, and why women have gone along with it for so long. She’s angry that her culture values the suffering of male soldiers, but not the pain of women who bear children for the continuation of the human race.

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