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The Diary of Anne Frank Tuesday, March 28, 1944

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Tuesday, March 28, 1944

  • Anne is having a dilemma. Mrs. Frank forbids Anne to go upstairs so much because Mrs. van Daan is jealous. Anne’s dad says not to pay attention to Mrs. van Daan. So... what should Anne do?
  • Anne’s mother thinks Peter is in love with Anne. Anne hopes so and wonders why two mothers have to get in the way. How will they surmount all the challenges to their relationship?
  • Anne wants Peter’s cheek against hers. She goes on about this more than is necessary, but she is fourteen and falling in love, so we understand. But the cheek thing is a bit peculiar. Guess that’s how dating was done in the ‘40s?
  • Peter likes Anne’s dimples and thinks she’s pretty.

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