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The Diary of Anne Frank Tuesday, May 2, 1944

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Tuesday, May 2, 1944

  • Anne talks to her father about her relationship with Peter. He does not take it well, worried that she can’t have a normal teenage relationship considering the circumstances.
  • Father tells Anne he would rather she didn’t go upstairs quite so often, and that it’s up to Anne, as the female in the relationship, to "set the limits."
  • Like Anne, her father also sees Peter’s weakness of character.
  • Anne and Peter discuss what Mr. Frank said, and Anne reassures Peter that she trusts him.
  • Peter tells Anne’s dad that they’ll keep themselves under control in the relationship and not get too serious.
  • Mr. Dussel finally apologizes for being so annoying and sulky recently. But since he does this the day before his birthday, we’re suspicious that he did it for the gifts.

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