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The Diary of Anne Frank Wednesday, July 1, 1942

By Anne Frank

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Wednesday, July 1, 1942

  • Anne is getting to know Hello a bit better.
  • Hello lives with his grandparents and has a girlfriend named Ursula (who he thinks is really boring). He clearly likes Anne more than Ursula.
  • Hello talks with Anne and says that his grandparents don’t want him seeing her anymore because she is so young. They also like Ursula. He’s planning to see Anne secretly while his grandparents think he’s at a wood-carving class.
  • Hello visits Anne and takes her for a walk. Pim (that’s Anne’s name for her dad) is angry when Hello returns her at ten minutes after eight because it is illegal for Jews to be out after 8 p.m.
  • While Anne is out walking with Hello, she sees the love of her life, Peter Schiff, who actually says "hello" to her.
  • Hello admits to one of Anne’s friends that he likes Anne better than Ursula. But that’s a secret.
  • Anne’s sure Hello is in love with her, although Anne doesn’t love him back.
  • Anne’s mom wants to know who she’ll marry, but Anne won’t tell her mom that she’s planning on marrying Peter Schiff.

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