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The Diary of Anne Frank Wednesday July 8, 1942

By Anne Frank

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Wednesday July 8, 1942

  • Anne describes the events that have transpired since her conversation with her father.
  • As if her father was clairvoyant, that very afternoon a member of their family receives "the call-up" from the SS, meaning deportation to a concentration camp is imminent.
  • Mrs. Frank goes to talk with the van Daans, who are going into hiding with the Franks.
  • Anne and Margot stay in the house, not answering the doorbell, and waiting for their dad to get home.
  • Margot tells Anne that the call up was for her (Margot) and not for their dad. They start packing their things.
  • That night, the family sends clothes and books with Miep and Jan Gies to bring to the secret hiding spot.
  • Since it’s dangerous for Jews to be seen with suitcases, the next day they dress in three layers of clothing before heading out. Margot goes first with Miep in the early morning, and Anne with her parents following later in the day.

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