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The Diary of Anne Frank Mortality

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The entirety of The Diary of Anne Frank is written during the time when Anne's life was in constant danger. What’s amazing, though, is that she doesn’t dwell on this fact. It comes up, of course, but for the most part all of the members of the Secret Annex live their lives as normally as possible while in hiding.

However, the fact that her life is in danger makes Anne acutely aware of her mortality. She expresses the desire to do something worthwhile in life and hopes to become immortalized through her writing.

Questions About Mortality

  1. How do different members of the Secret Annex deal with the knowing that their lives are in danger?
  2. Once in hiding, do the members of the Secret Annex think they will die? If yes, do they have lapses where they forget they are in danger? If no, do they ever start getting scared again?
  3. Does an increased awareness of their mortality lead the members of the Secret Annex to a greater religiousness? Why or why not?
  4. In what ways does Anne wish for immortality?

Chew on This

Anne’s increased awareness of her mortality leads her to develop a stronger religious sentiment.

Anne never believes that she will die during the war; she sees death as something that happens to the Jews who are not lucky enough to be in hiding.

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