Study Guide

Disgrace Chapter 10

By J.M. Coetzee

Chapter 10

  • David shows up at the animal clinic. It smells like pee.
  • David walks into the back room and sees Bev performing dental surgery on a dog. He helps by holding the dog down.
  • The next patient is a goat that was attacked by dogs. Its scrotum is all bloody and has grubs coming out of it. Bev tells the owner they should put it to sleep. The owner says no and takes it away.
  • David spends the rest of the day helping Bev at the clinic. He asks if Bev knows about why he's in Salem; Bev says she only knows that David is in some kind of trouble.
  • David goes home and listens through the wall to Lucy talking on the phone. He thinks it's Helen and wonders if lesbians make the bed creak when they're doing it.
  • David reads about Byron and thinks about getting old.