Study Guide

Disgrace Chapter 12

By J.M. Coetzee

Chapter 12

  • We meet Ettinger, who says he never goes anywhere without his gun. David wonders if he would have saved Lucy if he had a gun. He decides he probably wouldn't.
  • They start driving. David thinks they are going to the police station but it turns out they're going to the hospital.
  • David can't stop trembling but he notices that Lucy seems strong and secure.
  • There is only one doctor on duty so they wait for a couple hours. Then he sees the doctor.
  • When he comes out he is surprised to see Bill. He says that Lucy is with Bev at their house.
  • They get back to the Shaws' house. Bev says that Lucy talked to the police.
  • Bev runs a bath for David. Then he tries to sleep. He wakes up and tries to speak to Lucy, but she tells him to go back to bed.
  • The next day, David asks Bev how Lucy is. She makes it seem like it's none of his business.
  • By now, it's clear that Lucy was raped. David thinks that somehow, raping a lesbian is worse than raping a virgin.
  • David goes to talk to Lucy and notices that she's crying. Lucy tells him they have to go back and clean up and pick up where they left off. David says they shouldn't because it isn't safe. Lucy says they have to go anyway.
  • David realizes that Lucy isn't his little girl anymore (12.62).