Study Guide

Disgrace Chapter 14

By J.M. Coetzee

Chapter 14

  • Ettinger calls and offers to lend them a gun. David says he'll think about it.
  • David starts repairing the kitchen door. He wonders how to make the house safer.
  • Petrus comes back with his wife and someone driving his truck. Petrus is wearing a suit that's too small for him. They unload a bunch of stuff, including two sheep.
  • Lucy spends all her time zoning out.
  • David tells Petrus about the robbery. Petrus acts like what happened is in the past. David thinks it's weird that Petrus doesn't act more worried. All Petrus asks is if Lucy will go to the market the next day.
  • Lucy doesn't want to go to the market. David goes. He feels shy about sitting there all bandaged up. He answers a lot of questions. Turns out that their story has made the papers.
  • Petrus still hasn't explained where he was during the fiasco. David wonders if he knew what was going to happen before it happened.
  • David thinks about how in earlier times he could have fired Petrus.
  • David thinks about Petrus and how he'd like to hear his life story. He thinks about how it wouldn't seem authentic to hear the story in English. David admires Petrus but also distrusts him. He guesses that Petrus wants to take over all of Lucy's land.
  • Later on when he's alone with Petrus, David brings up the invasion again. Petrus treats it like it was only a carjack and not a physical attack on either Lucy or David. David gets worked up because he's not acknowledging what really happened.
  • David calls Rosalind, just in case the news has gotten all the way to Cape Town. She's not there so he faxes her.
  • Lucy can't eat or sleep. David has nightmares.
  • David starts working on his Byron project again.