Study Guide

Disgrace Chapter 17

By J.M. Coetzee

Chapter 17

  • Bev and David are cleaning up the clinic. Bev asks him about Cape Town and Melanie. David is like: whoa, nosy.
  • Bev asks David if he regretted his affair at the time. He says no.
  • David thinks Bev was probably pretty cute twenty years ago. He runs his finger over her lips. She sort of kisses his hand. Oh, and it makes her "blush furiously" (17.22). That's all that happens.
  • The next day Bev calls David and asks him to meet her at the clinic at four. The clinic is closed. David knows that this is a booty call.
  • David thinks about how never in his wildest dreams did he ever think he'd sleep with Bev.
  • They do it on the floor of the clinic. It's pretty clear she's planned everything out ahead of time, from blankets to condoms.
  • After thinking about how chubby Bev is, David remembers Melanie and thinks about how this is what he's come to.