Study Guide

Divergent Chapter 10

By Veronica Roth

Chapter 10

  • Tris wakes up from a nightmare about Christina hanging over the chasm. Hope you like hearing about people's dreams, because there's going to be a bunch of that in this book.
  • Peter continues to be a jerk. For example, he spray-paints the word "Stiff" on Tris's bed while she's in the shower. Seriously, dude?
  • Tris talks more with Al, who seems like a gentle giant: he doesn't want to knock anyone else unconscious. Too bad that's a big part of the initiation.
  • That day, Tris has to fight Peter in the boxing (and kicking) ring, but no one believes she has any chance against the guy.
  • And they're right. Peter knocks her out and puts her in the hospital. When she wakes up, Al, Will, and Christina are there waiting for her.
  • And while Will and Christina are friends with Tris, Al might want to be more than friends. (Ugh, we hate that phrase: let's say "other than friends.")Ā 
  • But Tris isn't interested in Al, though she doesn't want him to feel bad about himself for not wanting to beat people to a pulp.
  • They talk briefly about Visiting Day, when transfers' families can come say hi. But will Tris's family come after she abandoned them?