Study Guide

Divergent Chapter 13

By Veronica Roth

Chapter 13

  • Apparently, in the future, everyone gets to play with knives (and probably run with scissors). So it really is a utopia.
  • Today's Dauntless lesson, led by Eric the Crazy, is in how to throw a knife. And Tris is pretty good at it.
  • And—surprise, surprise—Al isn't very good at this at all. In fact, Al is so bad at the crucial skill of knife throwing, that Eric wants to teach Al a lesson about bravery or something by using Al as a target. (Which reminds us of this, not-for-the-squeamish scene.)
  • But Tris steps in: Four can throw knives at her instead of Al. 
  • So, Four throws the knives, narrowly missing Tris. And Tris thinks he's trying to make her fail by teasing her.