Study Guide

Divergent Chapter 19

By Veronica Roth

Chapter 19

  • Back in the dormitory, Peter is reading out loud some Erudite newspaper that's badmouthing the Abnegation government. So politics is the same in the future as it is now. Good to know.
  • Apparently, part of Molly's revenge on Tris for beating the snot out of her was lying to the reporter, whom she told that Tris has nightmares about abuse from her parents. That's pretty cold revenge.
  • Will prevents Tris from starting a fight, and instead they go to the tattoo parlor. Note to Shmoopers: tattooing yourself is not the best way to handle your anger issues.
  • On their way home, they see some older Dauntless partying, including a drunk Four.
  • Drunken Four tells Tris that she looks good. Well, that happens when people drink.