Study Guide

Divergent Chapter 23

By Veronica Roth

Chapter 23

  • That night, Tris stays in Four's room.
  • Watching him sleep, Tris can finally admit that she thinks he's swell. (What is it with teenagers and watching people sleep?)
  • Back out with the other initiates, Tris resorts to some self-preservation tactics: she pretends to be weak and scared by Peter's attack.
  • Four takes the initiates through the glass building above the Pit, to the place where they'll be tested in the final part of the initiation. They'll have to go through their fear landscape that's been built up for them from their simulations. Worst obstacle course ever.
  • Luckily, everyone going through will know they're in a simulation, just like Tris always could.
  • Back in the dorm, Al tries to apologize to Tris ("Sorry I ganged up with your worst enemies and dangled you over a deadly fall, still friends?").Ā 
  • But Tris tells him not to come near her again. Fair enough, we guess.