Study Guide

Divergent Chapter 24

By Veronica Roth

Chapter 24

  • The next day, they find that Al has killed himself by jumping down the chasm.
  • Tris feels a little guilty about this since she did reject his attempt to apologize. Tori gives her some tea to help her feel better; and Molly almost gets into a fight with her. Way to help out, Molly.
  • But then Eric gets up and gives a speech about how courageous Al was to go face death. Tris thinks that's just plain dumb.
  • Four tries to talk to Tris—preferably not near the hidden spy-cam the leaders have over the water fountain. (Great place for a spycam, right? Everyone goes to get water. It's like lions waiting at the watering hole for buffalo.)
  • Four explains that he wasn't taunting Tris in chapter 13 (the knife-throwing chapter). He was telling her to be strong so that she could sacrifice herself for Al.
  • Because she's stronger when she's acting selflessly.
  • Four also tells her that he wants to frighten her because fear makes her alive. Well that sounds… serial-killer-like.
  • And then he tells her that "guilt" should teach her to do better next time (even if it wasn't her fault). And that's totally an Abnegation lesson. Very interesting…