Study Guide

Divergent Chapter 27

By Veronica Roth

Chapter 27

  • Post-kiss, Tris is feeling pretty good about herself. And you know what that means: this chapter is probably going to be a downer. No one in books can be happy for long. It's written down in the literature laws.
  • Right on cue, in the cafeteria, Four/Tobias comes in and ignores Tris. This leads to a totally believable moment of doubt—"Maybe he changed his mind about liking me. Maybe he thinks kissing me was a mistake" (11). Girl, we've been there.
  • To top it all off, Four takes the initiates to run through a fear landscape. Luckily, they're going to use the fears of one of their instructors, a woman named Lauren.
  • Lauren explains that most people have 10-15 fears, with the record for lowest fears being… four.
  • Since it's Lauren's fears, it should be easy for Tris to get out of it, right? Unfortunately, Lauren has a fear of being kidnapped that reminds Tris of the night that Peter, Drew, and Al dangled her over the chasm.
  • So Tris freaks out, natch. And Four yells at her to pull herself together. Tris slaps him (which is fun in a book, but really, not a good way to treat someone you like).