Study Guide

Divergent Chapter 3

By Veronica Roth

Chapter 3

  • … Actually, Beatrice's test results are confusing to Tori. Beatrice panics about the possibility of being factionless. (If you thought living like Beatrice in a house with only one mirror was hard, try living in no house at all.)
  • But finally Tori tells her that the test was unclear. Instead of telling what faction she should belong to, the test gave three possible answers: Abnegation, Dauntless, and Erudite.
  • Which means that Beatrice is Divergent, which means she's in the right book. It also means Beatrice gets to leave school early to try to work through her dilemma: what faction to choose?
  • Tori tells her to keep her Divergence super secret because it's super dangerous. We guess they're not about nonconformity in dystopian Chicago.
  • On her way home, Beatrice goes through the factionless part of the city, which is sad. (Sure are a lot of factionless around this chapter.)
  • Beatrice has a slightly alarming experience with a hungry factionless man, who grabs her arm and tells her she isn't so pretty. So, that's a fun end to a weird day.