Study Guide

Divergent Chapter 31

By Veronica Roth

Chapter 31

  • Back in the real world, Tris's testers come in to congratulate her for passing. And now, as a gift, she gets injected with a tracking device. Gee, thanks?
  • Tobias/Four wasn't watching Tris's fear landscape, so he doesn't know that he was part of it. How awkward would that have been?
  • Tris goes back to Tobias/Four's room to relax, but instead they have a Serious Conversation About Their Relationship. At which point, it comes out that he's never had sex and he's with her because he likes her. So she tells him about her fear landscape.
  • Then they show each other their tattoos, which is very personal, so we know this is serious.Ā 
  • Tobias actually has tattoos of all the faction symbols. Because he's one of those weird people who think that you should try to live up to several virtues all at once.
  • And then we get what we came here for: more kissing.