Study Guide

Divergent Chapter 36

By Veronica Roth

Chapter 36

  • After losing her mother, Tris runs away, followed by the sleepwalking Dauntless soldiers.
  • Including Will, whom Tris shoots dead.
  • After that little interlude (shooting her sleepwalking friend in the head, NBD), Tris finds the basement where her family is hiding.
  • Caleb is there because he researched the simulation serum and found out that Jeanine was up to no good.
  • And, just to make sure that we know everyone in the family is happy to see each other, dad takes the bullet out of Tris's shoulder. Aw, family.
  • But it's not just Tris's family here: there are a bunch of other Abnegation people hiding out, including Tobias/Four's abusive dad Marcus.
  • Tris explains the dealio: they have to destroy the computer at Dauntless HQ that is running the simulation. That's the way to make the sleepwalkers wake up.
  • So anyone who is willing to fire a gun can come with Tris to Dauntless HQ, while the rest of the Abnegation folk hide out or run for Amity.