Study Guide

Divergent Chapter 37

By Veronica Roth

Chapter 37

  • Tris's elite strike team consists of her dad, her brother, and Marcus (who is good with computers, just like his son).
  • They take the train to Dauntless HQ and sneak in the back way. 
  • There aren't many guards left in Dauntless, but Peter's there and he's not sleepwalking. Because he's the sort of sadistic jerk who would go along with this plan willingly.
  • Tris captures him and shoots him in the arm so that he'll tell her where the computers are. (Too bad they don't have, you know, maps in the future, so she wouldn't have to torture him.)
  • Peter agrees to give her the scoop if they'll take him with them when they escape. So he leads them to the glass building with the computers. 
  • When they see some guards, Tris's dad sacrifices himself so that Tris can get past to the computers. And that's where she finds Tobias/Four, operating the computer simulation.