Study Guide

Divergent Chapter 8

By Veronica Roth

Chapter 8

  1. Dauntless training consists of fighting and shooting guns (not at people).
  2. First, Four teaches them about guns and Peter acts like he's too cool for gun school. Tris isn't so good at the shooty part of training at first, but gets better.
  3. She also gets better at being friendly with Christina and Will, a transfer from Erudite. And she also has to deal with PDA between some of the other initiates. That's totally new to her since kissing or holding hands isn't really done in Abnegation.
  4. After lunch, they get into boxing practice, which is supposed to make them less afraid about surprise and able to act quickly. We think it might have the side effect of making them brutal and in need of reconstructive surgery on their faces, but here's hoping. 
  5. Four teaches her a little bit about how to move while boxing, which makes her feel a little weird inside. (Because he's an alien? Or because she's got the hots for him and doesn't know it?)
  6. After training, Christina takes Tris to buy some cute clothes and makeup. After all, when you live in a post-apocalyptic Chicago, you want to look your best.
  7. Meanwhile, Al is getting a tattoo—and Tris runs into Tori, the Dauntless who gave her the aptitude test and is also a tattoo artist.
  8. Tori doesn't want to talk about the secret thing, which is that Tris is Divergent. But she will give Tris a tattoo to help remake her identity and remember who she is: three birds in flight. 
  9. Could those birds stand for her family members? For her potential choices of Abnegation, Dauntless, and Erudite?