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Minor Characters in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

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Minor Characters

Max Polokov, a.k.a. Sandor Kadalyi

This android got the drop on Dave Holden, shooting him in the back. He pretended to be Sandor Kadalyi, a USSR police officer, and tried to keep the streak alive with Rick. Unfortunately for him, Rick saw through the deception and retired him.

Officer Garland

Garland runs a police operation in San Francisco as a senior officer. Spoiler warning: Garland and the entire staff of said police operation turn out to be androids. Phil Resch manages to retire Garland, but not before the senior officer puts the doubt of Resch's humanity in Rick's mind.

Bill Barbour

This guy is Rick's neighbor and the proud owner of a pregnant horse, which he lets roam the wide-open spaces of his San Francisco apartment rooftop.

Dave Holden

Dave is the senior bounty hunter at the San Francisco Police Department. Polokov shoots him before the novel starts, and we never actually meet him in the story. With that said, his ill-fated experience with the Nexus-6 model sets the story in motion.

Inspector Harry Bryant

Rick's superior at the San Francisco Police Department, Bryant's job is to crack that whip and get Rick to go huntin' for some andys. He's not a bad person, but he definitely doesn't see the negative impact the day's job has on Rick's psyche.

Hannibal Sloat

Sloat is Isidore's boss at the electric animal repair shop. He becomes upset at Isidore for mistaking a real cat for an electric one, but he seems kind-hearted enough to hire Isidore and not talk down to him despite being crazy, scary old.

Milt Borogrove

Milt is Isidore's fellow worker at Sloat's electric animal hospital. He's a bit easier on Isidore for his mistake and helps him through the vidphone call. All-around good guy.

Ann Marsten

Ann is Harry Bryant's secretary. She seems like a one-and-done character, but then appears near the novel's conclusion to talk Rick down in his moment of need.

Eldon Rosen

Eldon is Rachael's grandfather—or should we say "grandfather"—and the head of the Rosen Association. He uses Rachael to try and trick Rick into believing the Voigt-Kampff test is invalid.

Amanda Werner and Oscar Scruggs

These two pop icons appear frequently on the Buster Friendly show. They are later revealed to be androids. Come to think of it, robotics would explain several television personalities...

Mr. and Mrs. Pilsen

This couple owns the cat Isidore picks up. Oddly enough, Mr. Pilsen believes the cat was electric. Mrs. Pilsen believes her husband cares deeply for the cat. Clearly this couple has suffered a serious communication breakdown at some point.

Mr. Ackers

The personnel manager at the Bay Area Scavengers Company, and that's the extent of what we can say about this guy. He doesn't do much.

Officer Crams

Luba Luft calls this beat cop to protect her from Rick. He is later revealed to be an android working for a fake android police department, which is totally Twilight Zone of the story.

Anders and Gitchel

The two androids Dave Holden retires before Polokov gets him.

Wade Cortot

A special effects guy who becomes a major source for Buster Friendly in defrauding Mercerism.

Al Jerry

The actor who played Wilbur Mercer. He may or may not have transcended into the same person as Mercer. We shall never know.

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