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Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Chapter 10

By Philip K. Dick

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Chapter 10

  • Inside, Rick is processed through an actual police station, and he wonders who these people are, working in a parallel police agency to his own.
  • He's brought in to see a police official.
  • The official rummages through Rick's briefcase while Rick puts in a call to his wife.
  • Rick dials the number, but the woman's face on the other line is not his wife's.
  • The police official invites Rick into his office and says his name is Garland. He also happens to be the third android on Rick's hit list, and, we have to say, that has to be a super awkward way to meet someone.
  • Garland calls to have the station's bounty hunters sent in, noting it's an unpleasant experience to find oneself on a hit list.
  • Bounty hunter Phil Resch enters the office, and Garland brings him up to speed.
  • Resch thinks it's a bad idea to run a bone marrow test on Polokov, noting the man always felt cold and calculating.
  • And guess what? He was an android.
  • Rick and Resch agree to take the android test, even though Garland still thinks it's bad for morale to have senior officials take the test.

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