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Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

  • Garland agrees to have the test run on him, and Resch leaves to grab his equipment.
  • As soon as he does, Garland draws a laser tube on Rick. Rick points out it won't make a difference as Resch will just run the same bone marrow test on him, proving he was human.
  • Garland lowers the laser tube and informs Rick that Resch is an android as well but one with false memories.
  • Rick wonders what Resch will do when he finds out, and Garland says he hasn't the foggiest notion. To be fair, that's not really Garland's No. 1 problem at the moment.
  • He explains to Rick how the fake police operation works and how he took a gamble on Polokov, one that obviously didn't pay off.
  • Resch returns, Garland draws on him, but Resch gets the drop. He kills the senior officer.
  • Resch asks Rick what was said while he was gone, but Rick only says that Garland admitted to being an android.
  • He tells Rick they have to double back to the opera house to get Luba Luft before she flees.
  • They set up Garland to look as not dead as possible (good luck) and have his secretary cancel all his calls. Then Resch uses his authority to break Rick out of the android-infested building.
  • On the elevator up to the roof, Resch asks if Rick's department will give him a job.
  • Rick, knowing the truth, lies and says he sees no reason why not.
  • Resch begins questioning whether a real Garland was replaced with an android or if he had been implanted with false memories (which only work on androids apparently).
  • In the hovercar and en route to the opera house, Resch asks Rick to administer the Voigt-Kampff test on him once they get Luba Luft.
  • Resch doesn't believe the memories are false. After all, he owns a squirrel, and he loves the thing.

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