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Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Chapter 14

By Philip K. Dick

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Chapter 14

  • Roy and Irmgard update Pris on the situation. No, not Mike "the Situation" Sorrentino, but the bounty-hunter-coming-to-retire-them situation.
  • To summarize, they are the only three left of the eight, and they've got to stick together.
  • Isidore finds he cannot fathom Roy as the man is too… mechanical. As they talk, he realizes this is true for all of them, even Pris, who seems "almost natural" (14.21).
  • Roy's plan is for Irmgard and him to live in the current apartment and for Pris and Isidore to live in Isidore's. He'll jerry-build a two-way bug and an alarm system.
  • Pris argues with this plan a bit, but it becomes clear that Rule No. 1 is that Roy makes the decisions. Rule No. 2: No exceptions to Rule No. 1 unless you are—wait for it—the Mongols.
  • At Isidore's apartment, Pris tries to convince Isidore that the bounty hunter is a group hallucination brought on by schizophrenia.
  • Hm, Isidore thought something must be up. After all, it's not like the government hires people to go around killing others, unless you count outsourcing.
  • Roy comes in and explains the alarm uses a Penfield unit that will send any human intruder, and Isidore for that matter, into a blind panic.
  • That clinches it for Isidore: they're androids.
  • He says he doesn't care though. The human race hasn't treated him very well either, and he wishes he had their abstract intellect.
  • Pris notes Isidore is special indeed.

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