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Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Chapter 15

By Philip K. Dick

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Chapter 15

  • The androids vote on what to do with Isidore. Baty says they should kill him, but the other two decide to make their stand in the apartment building with Isidore's help.
  • Elsewhere, Rick quits work and heads to animal row. He buys a female, black Nubian goat.
  • When he gets home, he brings Iran to the roof to show her their new animal.
  • Iran is, in a word, stoked.
  • Not only does this cure her depression, but she wants to join with Mercer, so she can share her joy with everyone using an empathy box. Rick, you've earned that "#1 Husband" mug this day, friend.
  • Downstairs, Rick tells Iran about his newly formed empathy toward androids.
  • He says he understands Iran's distaste for his job and that he'll look for a new one in the department.
  • The vidphone rings. Bryant is on the line, informing Rick that they have a lead on two of the remaining three andys. They've fled to an apartment building.
  • He wants Rick to finish the job as soon as he can while Rick wonders if he can do anymore today.
  • Rick takes Iran's place at the empathy box, but instead of merging with Mercer, he comes face-to-face with the guru.
  • He asks Mercer what he and the empathy boxes are for.
  • Mercer replies it is to show "'that you aren't alone. I am here with you and always will be. Go and do your task, even though you know it's wrong" (15.110).
  • A rock nails Rick, and he releases the handles. Iran asks him what happened, and he tells her Mercer gave him a revelation he already had.
  • Realizing he's in trouble, Rick calls Rachael to ask for her help. She initially refuses but agrees to meet him at the St. Francis Hotel that night.

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