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Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Chapter 16

By Philip K. Dick

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Chapter 16

  • In the hotel room, Rick reads the poop sheets on the remaining androids and wonders if androids dream. Shmoopers, we have a title.
  • Rachael enters the room, sporting a bottle of pre-war bourbon. She takes a look at the poop sheets, notices something, but decides to open the bourbon rather than elaborate.
  • Rick asks what upset her, and she informs him one of the three remaining androids is the same model as her.
  • She says she feels a sense of identification with this Pris android, not to mention a tiny bit odd hunting someone who looks exactly like her.
  • Rachael asks Rick if he knows why she came. He answers that it's to observe his test and report back to the association.
  • She argues that she can't go anyhow as she's drunk. (While we're here, what is it with future civilizations building machines with substance abuse problems? Like, a programmer had to take the time to actually program that in, right?)
  • Rachael begins to undress and tells him about an item in her purse.
  • Rick retrieves it. It's a device that puts an android into catalepsy for a few seconds. She says it might just save his life.
  • Rachael calls him to bed, but Rick says he can't because later that night he'll have to retire Pris.
  • She says that if he goes to bed with her, she'll retire Pris.
  • Deal. Rick crawls into bed.

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