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Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Chapter 19

By Philip K. Dick

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Chapter 19

  • Isidore realizes he has a grip on the empathy box handles.
  • Pris sends him into the hall to confront the bounty hunter. Isidore goes, still gripping the spider Mercer gave him.
  • He heads into what was once the apartment's garden terrace and sets the spider loose.
  • A flashlight beam shines on Isidore, and a man asks Isidore why he released the spider. Isidore responds that if he returns with it, the androids will cut it up again.
  • The man says androids do that and introduces himself as Rick Deckard. Surprise! Yeah… it was fairly obvious.
  • Rick asks Isidore to show him where the androids are, but Isidore refuses, warning him that he won't be able to fuse with Mercer if he goes through with his task.
  • Rick heads down the hall. Mercer appears to warn him that an android is on the steps.
  • Rachael appears and appeals to Rick, but he notices she isn't quite Rachael. When she dashes toward him, he fires.
  • He hurries down the hall, and his gear picks up the androids' signal.
  • He knocks, pretending to be Isidore. The door opens.
  • Roy takes a shot at Rick, missing and losing his legal right to a Voigt-Kampff test.
  • Rick enters the apartment, and when Irmgard tries to take a shot at him, he retires her. Then he shoots Roy.
  • On his way to his car, Rick warns Isidore not to go in and look.
  • Isidore tells him he's already seen what remains of Pris.

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