Study Guide

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Chapter 21

By Philip K. Dick

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Chapter 21

  • Rick lands the hovercar on a dead hillside. He tries to call Dave Holden, but the hospital nurse says he's in no condition to take calls.
  • Rick walks up the hillside, feeling defeated in some vague way.
  • Rocks crash down on him, striking him hard. He believes he sees Mercer before realizing it's his own shadow.
  • Afraid for his life, he rushes back to the hovercar.
  • Inside the car, he takes a hit of snuff and calls Bryant for someone to talk to.
  • Bryant's secretary, Ann Marsten, answers the vidphone, saying he looks like Wilbur Mercer.
  • She tells him he's obviously overexerted himself and needs rest.
  • Rick explains his illusion of becoming Mercer on the hill, stating that Mercer isn't fake unless reality is.
  • After hanging up, Rick goes to call his wife when he suddenly notices something outside the car.

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