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Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Chapter 4

By Philip K. Dick

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Chapter 4

  • Bryant informs Rick that Dave was hunting down eight Nexus-6 androids. Dave got two of them before one decided to skip the villain's "Why don't you just shoot him?" conundrum and… just shot him.
  • He tells Rick that he's not sure the Voigt-Kampff test will work with these new models.
  • Ergo (Latin!), he's set up a test at the Seattle headquarters of the Rosen Association, the manufacturers of the androids. Rick is supposed to go there… like right now.
  • Flying to the Rosen Association building in a hovercar, Rick steps out on the roof and is immediately greeted by Rachael Rosen. Side note: commutes in the future are wickedly fast.
  • The small talk is exceptionally small as Rick quickly notices the animals housed on the building's roof, including *gasp* an owl. Apparently all the owls dropped dead years ago.
  • During the descent into the building, Rachael is an ice queen to Rick thanks to the implications his Voigt-Kampff analysis will have on the company and its latest models.
  • Rick meets Eldon Rosen and is led into the room where the test will be administered.
  • He's introduced to his first subject: Rachael Rosen.

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