Chapter 9

  • At the opera house, the players are rehearsing Mozart's The Magic Flute.
  • During their break, Rick makes his way backstage to Luft's dressing room.
  • He introduces himself as San Francisco Police and informs her that he'll be performing an empathy test on her, despite her protests.
  • Luft takes the test but keeps messing with the results by asking questions of all of Rick's questions. She especially plays up that English is not her native language.
  • When the adhesive disk falls off, Rick bends over to pick it up. When he sits up, he finds Luba Luft has drawn a laser tube on him.
  • Claiming he's a sexual deviant, she calls the police, a move Rick thinks will be the best thing for him.
  • An Officer Crams arrives. He claims he knows all the bounty hunters and inspectors in the SFPD, and—surprise, surprise—he's never heard of a Rick Deckard or an Inspector Bryant.
  • Rick calls Bryant on the phone while Crams takes Luft's statement.
  • Crams and Rick agree to go to the station to straighten the matter out, and Crams calls in a pickup for the retired andy in Rick's trunk.
  • As the police hovercar takes off, Rick notices it's heading south, the wrong direction. He realizes the truth—the androids set a trap for him.
  • Dun dun dun.
  • The only comfort Rick has as the police car descends into the fake police station is that, at the very least, he got one of the Nexus-6 androids.

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