Study Guide

Doctor Faustus Act 4, Scene 2

By Christopher Marlowe

Act 4, Scene 2

  • Martino tries to convince Benvolio not to seek revenge on Faustus. That's a seriously bad idea. 
  • But Benvolio's not having that. He announces his intention to kill Faustus as thanks for totally humiliating him.
  • Frederick says he and Martino will stand by him. If they have to.
  • Awesome. Okay, so, here's the plan: Benvolio tells them all to hide in a grove, all the better to ambush Faustus. They and the soldiers follow him there.
  • Benvolio and Martino station themselves in the grove. Then Frederick arrives to let them know that Faustus is approaching.
  • When he enters, Benvolio cuts off Faustus's (fake) head.
  • Benvolio, Martino, and Frederick mock the sorry state to which Faustus's head has now fallen, and Benvolio says he plans to nail horns to the head and hang it out his window for all the world to see. Lovely.
  • Or how about selling it to a chimneysweeper to use as a broom and using his eyes to button his lips? Even lovelier.
  • But then, the body of Faustus rises up. Dun dun dun.
  • Faustus tells them that no matter what they do to him, he will rise again until twenty-four years have passed (the length of his servitude).
  • He calls his devils, instructing them to drag the three through a thorny briar-patch then tumble them down some rocks.
  • The soldiers, hearing the fight, stand forward to fight Faustus, but he conjures up a wall of trees and an army of devils between himself and the soldiers.
  • Lesson learned: Faustus does not suffer fools.