Study Guide

Doctor Faustus Act 4, Scene 5

By Christopher Marlowe

Act 4, Scene 5

  • Elsewhere, the Carter leads Robin, Dick, and the horse-courser to a tavern.
  • Robin tells Dick that he owes the tavern-mistress a lot of money, and right then the hostess reminds Robin of his tab. 
  • But despite the debt, she agrees to fetch them all some beer.
  • The Carter tells them all a story to entertain them as they wait for their beers.
  • It's the story of how Faustus asked him for as much hay as he could eat in exchange for some money, then proceeded to eat the whole cartful. Yep, the whole thing.
  • The horse-courser then tells them all about his adventure with the vanishing horse, and about how he took Faustus's leg, which he now keeps in his house. Again: ew.
  • Robin's got a story, too—about how Faustus's devil turned him into an ape. Remember that one?
  • He thinks that the group should enjoy their beers, then confront Faustus.