Study Guide

Doctor Faustus Act 4, Scene 6

By Christopher Marlowe

Act 4, Scene 6

  • At the Duke's house, the Duke thanks Faustus for showing him such marvels, including a castle in the air that delighted him more than anything in the world.
  • Faustus asks the Duchess what she'd like, and she responds that she would really like some grapes, but the problem is it's the dead of winter.
  • Problem? What problem? Faustus sends Mephistopheles to fetch her some grapes, explaining that it's summer in other parts of the word, and ol' Meph sure loves to travel (with speed).
  • When she chows down, the Duchess declares the grapes to be the best she's ever had.
  • Then, Robin, Dick the Carter and the horse-courser appear at the gate, knocking furiously.
  • They demand to speak with Faustus, who asks the Duke to allow them in. He can handle a couple of hooligans (he has before).
  • Once in, the motley crew demands beer, which Faustus has fetched for them.
  • The horse-courser reminds Faustus about what happened with the horse and asks him if he has both his legs, to which Faustus replies that he does.
  • The Carter says he thinks Faustus should have a wooden leg, and the horse-courser asks Faustus if he didn't pull off his leg when he was asleep.
  • Faustus responds that he has his leg again, now that he's awake.
  • Then Faustus charms all of the company dumb (they're unable to speak) when they try to say what he's done to them, and charms the hostess dumb when she arrives demanding payment for her ale.
  • The Duchess and Duke declare themselves beholden to Faustus for the way his art drives sad thoughts away.