Study Guide

Doctor Faustus Prologue

By Christopher Marlowe


  • Enter, the Chorus (think of them as a group of dudes who will tell us what's up at various points in the play). They tell us audience-folk that the story of this play isn't going to be about war, valiant deeds, or love. Nope, nothing so exciting.
  • This one's all about the fortunes of some guy named Faustus, be they good or bad.
  • Faustus? Who? The chorus gives us the skinny: Faustus was born in a town called Roda in Germany, and he was raised by relatives in Wittenberg. 
  • Faustus excels at his studies of theology, so much so that he's very quickly given the title of doctor of divinity, and can out-debate just about anyone.
  • But, says the Chorus (and it's a big but), Faustus's pride is a Serious Problem. 
  • Because he's so proud, he's not happy being a mere theologian, so he opts instead to study magic.