Study Guide

Doll Bones Chapter 11

By Holly Black

Chapter 11

  • All aboard the Pearl. The gang has some trouble casting off, and Alice has to jump for it, but then they're on the river. Zach has read a lot about sailing, but he's never been on a boat. He knows the starboard is the right side of the boat… right? Right?
  • Zach is trying to sail the boat. Finally he remembers to drop the rudder and they're off; he can hardly believe he's now a captain in real life.
  • Poppy zips the Queen beneath her hoodie in case they capsize. This feels an awful lot like foreshadowing.
  • They sail along for about an hour.
  • Sailing takes all of Zach's concentration, and he's also feeling weird about having stolen the boat. He decides they'll call the marina when they reach their destination so the owners will know where their boat is.
  • It's 2:40PM, and sailing to East Liverpool is taking a bit longer than they anticipated.
  • They're sailing along when Poppy realizes they've gone too far—they've actually missed East Liverpool—and they need to turn back.
  • The only problem is that they don't know how to turn the boat, and when they try, it capsizes. Zach rights the boat and everyone climbs back on.
  • Alice has had it. She grabs the Queen from Poppy and throws the doll overboard; the Queen sinks under the waves.

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