Study Guide

Doll Bones Chapter 13

By Holly Black

Chapter 13

  • Our trio is officially in East Liverpool, and it's practically a ghost town; the kids walk along Main Street in their wet shoes, feeling dejected.
  • They come upon a diner and count their money. The mood remains somber.
  • They enter the diner, and a woman who works there seems suspicious until Alice makes up a story about a sailboat race.
  • The woman becomes friendlier and asks them if they need a table for four. Um… no. There are only three of them. Right?
  • Zach cleans up a bit in the men's room. He catches a glimpse of his own reflection in the mirror and looks older than he remembered.
  • Back at the table, the kids study the menus. They are hungry—maybe even hangry—but funds are limited if they're going to have enough for the bus fare home.
  • The waitress comments on how scary the Queen is. Yeah, the kids think, we noticed.
  • Alice goes toward the counter, so Poppy takes the opportunity to confront Zach about the Questions.
  • Alice returns to the table having confirmed that they can't catch another bus until tomorrow.
  • They finally settle on their order, chili and fries, which they scarf down while they plan their next steps. Zach thinks they need more supplies since they lost their stuff in the river.
  • Alice notices that the Queen's head has turned. She tells Poppy to stop messing around, but whether Poppy actually turned the doll's head remains disturbingly unclear.
  • They pay for the food and leave the diner. Alice spots a library—Zach thinks they can go there to find a map (because libraries are a-ma-zing).
  • Alas, when they arrive at the library, they find that it's closed until Monday morning.
  • Alice spots a window in the library's basement, though, and promptly breaks in. Zach observes that she's gone full Lady Jaye.
  • Alice, now a sort of half human/half Lady Jaye toy hybrid, tells "William" to come on already. William, you will recall, is Zach's toy. They're playing a new version of the game, it seems, and Poppy's mad because she feels left out.
  • Zach jumps into the basement, and Poppy soon follows; then the trio decides to explore the library. Zach feels oddly relaxed considering they've just, you know, broken the law.
  • The kids are really enjoying themselves in the library—it's sort of like being locked in the mall after dark, except for nerds.
  • As they run around inside the library, they find themselves playing. Not their old game, exactly, but something similar. Zach takes a minute to call the marina and leave a message about the location of the boat they stole.
  • He's getting excited about sleeping in the library overnight until Poppy breaks a bit of news: They're still going to have to go to the graveyard. Everyone promptly goes back to being bummed and angry.
  • While Poppy's in another room, Zach tells Alice he thinks the two girls should make up. But Alice is still pretty annoyed.
  • Zach (with Alice trailing behind him) goes to find Poppy, who has found a map with the cemetery where she thinks Eleanor is buried.
  • Zach plops down on a couch to read and eventually dozes off; once again, he dreams of Eleanor.
  • He wakes up with a strange woman looming over him. Zach screams.

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