Study Guide

Doll Bones Chapter 15

By Holly Black

Chapter 15

  • Zach finds Miss Katherine shelving books. He asks her if she's seen the Queen, but she has not, so Zach goes back to where they were sleeping to look for the doll. She's not there either, though.
  • Miss Katherine wants to know what the kids are up to. Zach asks her if she's heard any ghost stories about Eleanor. Miss Katherine hasn't, but she does know of a local potter, and there's an exhibit of his work in the basement.
  • Zach starts to head for the basement, but Miss Katherine isn't having it; they go back to the break room.
  • Miss Katherine leaves to make a call and find some lunch. Zach tries to rally the troops—they're breaking out of there.
  • Poppy swears the Queen was right beside her when she went to sleep. Weird.
  • Zach contemplates their options; as he does, Alice is loosening a ceiling tile. She decides she's going to crawl through the ceiling's vents.
  • Zach realizes this plan could really work since Miss Katherine left the key in the lock. Sure enough, after banging around a little, Alice emerges on the other side of the door and unlocks it.
  • With no sign of Miss Katherine, the three separate to look for the Queen, planning to meet outside in ten minutes.
  • Zach selfishly takes the basement, because he thinks that's where the Queen is hiding. He finds the pottery exhibit, and the pieces look just like the ones in his dreams.
  • He reads what must be the longest plaque in the history of plaques. It tells the story of the potter, Lukas Kerchner, who was renowned for his craft. Turns out he was also accused of murdering his daughter, whose body was never found. He was convicted of her murder and executed.
  • Zach decides that while Lukas Kerchner was probably bananas, he did not kill Eleanor—she must have fallen off the roof.
  • He hears something upstairs: It's Miss Katherine. He quickly searches the basement for the Queen, finally finding her in the girls' bathroom.
  • Zach catches his own reflection in the mirror. Uh-oh… his face has been replaced with white china and there are black holes where his eyes should be. He blinks. Oh good, his regular face is back.
  • Zach tries to convince himself that Poppy must have come to the bathroom half-asleep, leaving the Queen in the trashcan. Whatever works, Zach.
  • He grabs the doll and runs outside.

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