Study Guide

Doll Bones Chapter 7

By Holly Black

Chapter 7

  • The bus has pulled away, and the gang isn't sure what their next move should be. They're tired.
  • Poppy thinks they should keep going to East Liverpool; Alice thinks they should admit defeat and go home; and Zach agrees with Alice, at least at first.
  • Poppy says if they go back they'll never bury the Queen, so she plans to keep moving forward, no matter what.
  • Zach suggests they make camp until daybreak. They can take the bus back home the following afternoon, and maybe they can even walk to East Liverpool.
  • Zach's really getting into the spirit of the adventure now, and he's starting to talk like his favorite character, William the Blade.
  • Poppy calls Zach out for slipping into play mode—she knew he didn't want to abandon the game—but this angers Zach and he immediately stops playing.
  • Alice finds a park where they can make camp. As they walk there, they pass a donut shop. It's not open yet, so Zach pulls out some Twizzlers.
  • They have to cross a highway to get to the park, but since it's 4:30 in the morning, there aren't any cars on the road so this is easy.

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