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The Island of Dr. Moreau Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

The Crying of the Man

  • Montgomery is waiting for Prendick at the apartment. He tries to talk with his friend, but Prendick just falls upon him in utter exhaustion. Montgomery believes Prendick's current condition calls for a bit of brandy. Prendick agrees.
  • Prendick's nerves are frayed and rightfully so. He questions Montgomery about the creatures, wanting to know if they are men or beasts (man-beasts? beast-men?).
  • Montgomery says to just think of them as bogles (i.e., ghosts) for now. He has Prendick drink a liquid, and Prendick goes to lullaby land.
  • Prendick awakens to find breakfast laid out for him. While he eats, Montgomery comes in to check on him, forgetting to lock the inner door. Oh, plot conveniences, how we love you.
  • Prendick barges into the adjoining room and sees Moreau vivisecting a human being. Blood is everywhere, and the book has officially stepped into Eli Roth territory.
  • Montgomery rushes Prendick out of the laboratory and shuts the door.
  • Prendick hears Moreau and Montgomery arguing from inside. He can't understand everything they are saying—something about "[r]uin[ing] the work of a lifetime" (10.24)—but one thing he's sure of: he's in danger.

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