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The Island of Dr. Moreau Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

A Parley

  • Prendick heads down to the sea and formulates a new plan. With Montgomery and Moreau hunting him, he can sneak to the enclosure and get a gun. Brilliant.
  • Never mind.
  • Moreau, Montgomery, and some Beast Folk find him instead.
  • Montgomery asks Prendick what he's doing. Prendick runs into the ocean and says he's going to drown himself rather than become one of Moreau's experiments. If you're keeping score, this is the third time Prendick has had the ocean threaten his life.
  • Moreau is confused and asks Prendick to calm down and talk to him. Prendick decides to try to rally the Beast Folk against Moreau instead. Man, you just know that's going to come back to bite him in the butt.
  • Side note: The beast person named M'ling is the same mysterious man from the boat and who served Prendick breakfast in the apartment. Why his name is only now being revealed is beyond us.
  • Moreau tells Prendick to shut up and explains something in Latin. The Latin says, roughly, that the Beast Folk are not men but animals.
  • Moreau and Montgomery drop their revolvers to prove themselves. Moreau also mentions that he has already had plenty of opportunities to experiment on Prendick if he had wanted to.
  • That includes last night when Prendick was drugged and sleeping. Actually, that makes sense.
  • Montgomery cracks his whip to scare the Beast Folk back into the forest. Prendick comes ashore and takes the revolvers, shooting a lava rock to be sure they work. They do.
  • The trio head back to the enclosure with Moreau, peeved that Prendick has wasted half a day already.

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