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The Island of Dr. Moreau Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

Concerning the Beast Folk

  • The next morning, M'ling serves Prendick a rabbit breakfast.
  • Montgomery joins his friend, and Prendick picks his brain for information on the Beast Folk.
  • Montgomery explains. He and Moreau are kept safe by controlling the creatures' minds. It's kind of like hypnotism. Instead of having them all strut about like wild animals, Moreau hypnotizes them to believe they cannot perform certain acts. These hypnotic suggestions are the Laws Prendick heard.
  • Yet, the Law is not all-powerful. The animal part of the Beast Folk becomes strongest during the night.
  • Prendick also learns about the island. It's a volcanic island with hot springs and coral reefs on three sides. It's like a Hawaiian island, only less horrific since it's filled with Beast Folk and not tourists in those ugly shirts.
  • Next, Prendick details a usual suspect's line up of the Beast Folk. He notes that the most formidable of the Beast Folk are the Leopard Man and the hyena and swine mixture.
  • There's also a satyr-like creature made of ape and goat, a couple of wolf people, a horse-rhinoceros combo, and more. Check out your book for a full list because things get really bizarre.
  • Sadly, Man-Bear-Pig is nowhere to seen.
  • He also gets to know M'ling, who is "a bear tainted with dog and ox" (15.11). Unlike the other Beast Folk, M'ling lives in a kennel at the enclosure. He's super docile and has been taught to cook, serve food, and perform other chores.
  • Montgomery and M'ling have an interesting relationship: M'ling devotes himself completely to Montgomery. On the other hand, Montgomery can either be affectionate or down-right abusive to M'ling, depending on how much booze he has in him.
  • Over time, Prendick grows accustomed to the Beast Folk. Every now and then, though, he'll notice some abnormal feature in them, and his initial disgust returns.

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