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The Island of Dr. Moreau Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

The Finding of Moreau

  • Prendick convinces Montgomery that they need to look for Moreau instead of drinking themselves stupid.
  • The trio (trusty M'ling comes along) head out, but it's not long before they run into some Beast Folk.
  • The Ape-Man, the Sayer of the Law, and some others are arguing whether or not Moreau is really dead. The Ape Man (whom Wells sometimes calls Monkey Man—oh out-of-date biological classification) is particularly concerned about what will happen to the Law now that Moreau has gone.
  • Prendick realizes the implications of all this and convinces the gathered Beast Folk, the "Children of the Law" (18.18), that Moreau is still alive. He's only discarded his body, changed his shape, and gone to the sky. But the Law is still alive and to be feared.
  • Montgomery, still drunk, understands and plays along.
  • The group heads to Moreau's body, and en route, they are attacked by a feral beast. Prendick shoots it dead and uses the situation to prove the Law's existence. The Beast Folk agree that if Prendick "sends the Fire that kills" then the Law must still exist (18.33).
  • They find both the body of the puma and Moreau, each having killed the other. Moreau's revolver is missing.
  • Yikes.
  • They carry Moreau's body back to the enclosure. The Beast Folk leave, and M'ling rests. Prendick and Montgomery take the opportunity to kill what remains in Moreau's laboratory.

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