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The Island of Dr. Moreau Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

Montgomery's "Bank Holiday"

  • Prendick and Montgomery try to figure out what they're going to do now. Prendick thinks their best option is to head for civilization, but Montgomery believes society won't accept him back. Apparently he blundered once and that was enough (although we still don't know what exactly he did).
  • Montgomery busts out the only play he has left in his playbook: it's time to get drunk.
  • Prendick abstains, so Montgomery finds M'ling to be his binge buddy.
  • Three other Beast Folk emerge from the forest. Montgomery and M'ling convince them to join the party and move it to the forest.
  • Prendick decides that tomorrow morning he will load supplies into the dinghy and sail out to sea.
  • Daylight comes while Prendick is foraging for supplies in Moreau's laboratory. On the beach, a ruckus arises followed by the blast of a revolver.
  • Prendick rushes outside, knocking over some cases as he goes. A bonfire blazes on the beach. Prendick sees the muzzle flash of Montgomery's revolver, and recognizing a party foul when he sees one, rushes to aid his friend.
  • Montgomery lies beneath an injured Wolf Man. Prendick pulls the beast off of his friend and shoots it to put it out of its misery. Surveying the scene, he sees M'ling, a Bull Man, and the Sayer of the Law are also dead.
  • He spies another detail. The wood used to build the bonfire; yeah, it came from the ships. Prendick is marooned.
  • At least he has the enclosure's supplies. Oh, wait. Remember those cases Prendick knocked to the ground while running to help Montgomery? The lantern fell off them and lit the entire enclosure on fire. It burns to the ground.
  • Montgomery tries to apologize, but it's one of those can't-quite-get-the-words-out death speeches. He dies in Prendick's arms.
  • Three beast folk emerge inquisitively from the forest…

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