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The Island of Dr. Moreau Chapter 21

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Chapter 21

The Reversion of the Beast Folk

  • And as with so many chapters before, we begin with Prendick waking up. This time he has a dog man sleeping next to him, whom he calls—you guessed it—Dog Man.
  • Dog Man pledges his undying loyalty. His scene reminds us of something from Pixar's Up, only with the family-friendly atmosphere replaced with a bleak, dreary survival-of-the-fittest tone.
  • Prendick joins a group of Beast Folk sitting around a fire. He explains to them that the Master is not dead, and that the House of Pain will one day return. "Woe be to him who breaks the Law," he says (21.28).
  • Thus begins Prendick's life alone amongst the Beast Folk. He lives with them and eats with them. He tries to hunt down the only true threat to his existence, but he just can't catch that wascally Hyena-Swine.
  • Over time, the Beast Folk devolve into full-on animals. Only they don't become regular animals since Moreau constructed them with various parts of different animals. So the island is now filled with hybrid creatures like a horse-rhinoceros and cow-cats.
  • Dog Man reverts into a dog dog, but remains Prendick's companion.
  • After some months, Prendick decides to build a raft. One problem: he has no skill as a carpenter, so his raft breaks before he can get it into the water.
  • One day after the raft incident, Prendick discovers Hyena-Swine has killed his dog. Using one of his precious revolver rounds, Prendick kills Hyena-Swine, losing both his best friend and worst enemy in less than an hour.
  • Prendick takes to sleeping during the day so he can be alert at night. He begins rebuilding the raft, but as luck would have it, he doesn't need to.
  • A small boat washes ashore with two dead men in it. One might be Captain Davis from the beginning of the novel, but it's not certain.
  • Prendick takes the boat and gathers up supplies. He's leaving the island at last.

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