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The Island of Dr. Moreau Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

At the Schooner's Rail

  • Land is spotted, and Montgomery believes it is his destination.
  • Dinner is a bit awkward, what with the Captain sleeping off his drink and the first mate equally peeved at Montgomery. Good times.
  • Afterward, Montgomery and Prendick talk on the quarter-deck. Montgomery asks Prendick about London.
  • Prendick wonders about Montgomery: what drove him from London? Why the animals? Why would an educated man live on an island in the Pacific? All good questions.
  • The two stay up until midnight talking. Bro crush imminent.
  • Prendick tries to thank Montgomery for saving him, but Montgomery brushes away the gratitude. He says it was chance that saved him, nothing more, nothing less. Bro crush waning.
  • Montgomery decides to tell Prendick his story, but Prendick tells him not to, claiming "[it's] all the same to [him]" (4.17). Bro crush totally back on.
  • Prendick spots Montgomery's mysterious companion leaning over the taffrail. When the mysterious man looks his way, Prendick notices the man's eyes shine with a pale green light, starkly inhuman.
  • In a flash, all of his childhood fears come back to him, but only for a moment. Then the mysterious man looks down and is just a man again. Creepy.
  • That night, Prendick sleeps fitfully as the hounds bark at the moonlight. Sounds spooky.

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