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Dracula Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

  • Dr. Seward has to arrange a lot of the funeral stuff for both Mrs. Westenra and Lucy. They don't have any other family and Arthur is too distraught to deal with it.
  • Van Helsing asks permission to go through Lucy's diary and letters from the last few weeks. Arthur doesn't know why Van Helsing wants to, but he agrees anyway.
  • Van Helsing puts a crucifix and some garlic flowers on Lucy's body in the coffin.
  • Van Helsing tells Dr. Seward in private that he wants to wait until after the funeral, and then cut off Lucy's head and take out her heart.
  • Dr. Seward is shocked, of course, and can't see a reason for it.
  • Van Helsing assures him that he'll know why eventually.
  • But the next night, Van Helsing tells Dr. Seward that they shouldn't bother—one of the servants stole the crucifix out of the coffin.

Mina's Journal, September 22

  • Mina writes that it's hard to believe that Jonathan is his own boss now.
  • She says that she's worried about him after his illness. The day before he saw someone on the streets of London and totally freaked out—he kept mumbling, "It is the Count, but he has grown young."
  • Then he snapped out of it and asked if he had been dreaming.
  • Mina has also gotten a telegram from Van Helsing telling her that Lucy and Mrs. Westenra are dead.

Dr. Seward's Diary, September 22

  • Arthur and Quincey Morris have gone back to Arthur's estate.
  • At the funeral, Arthur says that he feels like he and Lucy were really married because of the blood transfusion (he doesn't know that three other guys gave her blood, too). After the funeral, Van Helsing has a giggle fit about that—he says that it's like Lucy was a polyandrist (someone with multiple husbands).
  • Dr. Seward is pretty depressed by Lucy's death.

Newspaper Article, September 25

  • The chapter shifts to a newspaper clipping from September 25, describing a mystery in the neighborhood of Hampstead (near where Lucy lived).
  • The newspaper clipping says that several small children had gone missing, and when found, could only say that they had been with a "bloofer lady" (i.e., a "beautiful lady").
  • Some of the children had small cuts on their throats.
  • The newspaper article is followed by another, an "extra special" edition, describing yet another child injured by the "bloofer lady."

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