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Dracula Chapter 14

By Bram Stoker

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Chapter 14

Mina's Journal, September 23

  • Jonathan isn't sleeping well, and Mina's worried about him. She decides to read his journal from Transylvania.

Mina's Journal, September 24

  • Mina was too freaked out to write in her journal the night after reading Jonathan's account of Castle Dracula. She knows he's either crazy or has gone through something totally awful.
  • She decides to transcribe the whole journal on her typewriter (remember, the journal was written in shorthand).

A Letter and Telegram Between Van Helsing to Mina, September 24

  • Van Helsing writes a letter to Mina, asking to see any letters Lucy wrote to her over the past few weeks.
  • He's never met Mina, and asks very politely, but it is a weird request from a total stranger.
  • Mina sends Van Helsing a telegram dated September 25 saying that he can come that same day.

Mina's Journal, September 25

  • Mina is excited to meet Van Helsing—she wants to know more about Lucy, and she wants to ask his advice about Jonathan.
  • She has also typewritten her own journal in case Van Helsing wants to see it (remember that she wrote a bunch about Lucy's illness and weird behavior).
  • Van Helsing arrives, and when he asks about Lucy's illness, Mina gives him the typed out journal entries.
  • He reads it all, and then asks about Jonathan (remember, Mina described her anxieties about Jonathan as well).
  • She tells him all about Jonathan's journal, and then gives it to him to read.

Letters Between Van Helsing and Mina, September 25

  • Later, after having read the journal, Van Helsing writes a letter to Mina to tell her that everything in Jonathan's journal was true.
  • Mina writes back to thank him and to invite him to breakfast.

Jonathan Harker's Journal, September 26

  • When Mina tells Jonathan that Van Helsing has confirmed everything in his journal, he feels better and stronger.
  • Van Helsing asks for Jonathan's help in dealing with the Count, and Jonathan eagerly agrees. He says he and Mina will come to London immediately.

Dr. Seward's Diary, September 26

  • Dr. Seward has heard from Quincey Morris that Arthur is doing better.
  • Van Helsing comes in and asks him what he thinks of the "bloofer lady" injuries—the bites on the children's necks.
  • Seward says that they're like Lucy's injury.
  • Van Helsing reminds Seward how many modern conveniences and inventions and discoveries would have been thought magical just a century earlier.
  • Finally, he tells Seward that he thinks that the bites on the children's necks were made by Lucy herself.

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