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Dracula Chapter 15

By Bram Stoker

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Chapter 15

  • Dr. Seward is totally blown away that Van Helsing could say something like that about Lucy. Besides, she's dead.
  • Van Helsing says he'll prove it: They'll go spend the night in the churchyard.
  • After dinner, they go into the Westenra tomb. Van Helsing pulls out a screwdriver to open the coffin.
  • Lucy's not in it!
  • Dr. Seward still has a logical explanation: Someone has stolen the body.
  • Van Helsing shrugs, and they go out to the churchyard to wait.
  • Several hours later, Dr. Seward sees something white moving among the trees, and Van Helsing finds a child that had been dumped in the leaves.
  • They leave the child with the police and go back to London.

Dr. Seward's Diary, September 27

  • Van Helsing wants Dr. Seward to come out and check the coffin again.
  • This seems pretty stupid to Dr. Seward, who has already seen that the coffin is empty.
  • But when they get there, Lucy's body is inside!
  • And her body is totally intact, even though she's been dead a week.
  • Dr. Seward finally gets it: Lucy is a vampire.
  • And he's okay with stabbing a stake through her heart and cutting off her head, if that's what it takes.
  • But Van Helsing wants to let Arthur in on the secret, in case he finds out about it later.

A Note from Van Helsing to Dr. Seward, September 27

  • Van Helsing leaves a note for Dr. Seward saying that he's going to spend the night in the churchyard watching Lucy. He's leaving the note in case anything happens to him.
  • He asks that Dr. Seward take over if he should die, and try to find and kill Dracula.

Dr. Seward's Diary, September 28

  • After a good night's sleep, Dr. Seward doesn't believe it anymore—he thinks maybe Van Helsing is crazy.
  • Van Helsing has summoned Arthur and Quincey.
  • He wants them all to wait up that night in the churchyard, go into Lucy's tomb, and cut off her head. No problem, right?
  • Of course, Arthur objects.
  • But they agree at least to go with him to the churchyard.

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