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Dracula Chapter 19

By Bram Stoker

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Chapter 19

Jonathan Harker's Journal, October 1

  • Quincey and Van Helsing ask why Seward didn't allow Renfield to go, and Seward says he was afraid Renfield wanted to go help Dracula somehow.
  • They use a skeleton key to get into Carfax.
  • Van Helsing hands out crucifixes and pieces of blessed communion wafers.
  • They go into the chapel to check things out.
  • Dracula hasn't called a cleaning service in a while: The place is covered with inches of dust and it smells like a locker room after a muggy summer season combined with ancient evil.
  • They only find twenty-nine boxes. Where could the other twenty-one be?
  • The place is filled with rats. Luckily, they brought a supply of terrier dogs, which were bred to kill rats. Problem solved.
  • Of course, they still have the other problem of the twenty-one missing boxes of dirt and the bloodthirsty vampire on the loose.
  • They go back to Seward's house and go to bed.
  • Jonathan Harker notices that Mina looks a little pale.

Dr. Seward's Diary, October 1

  • Van Helsing and Dr. Seward have a little chat about Renfield.
  • Renfield is very sullen again and doesn't want to talk to either of them.
  • Seward assures Van Helsing that he thinks it's for the best that Mina stay out of the way of their vampire-hunting. It's not a lady's business.

Mina's Journal, October 1

  • Mina is in a bad mood this morning, maybe because her husband won't tell her anything that happened the night before.
  • She describes what she did while they were at the Count's house snooping around.
  • She says she went to bed when they left, but didn't feel sleepy.
  • She could hear the dogs barking next door (killing the rats) and Renfield praying very loudly from his room below. She thought she saw a mist coming toward the house when she looked out the window.
  • When she went to sleep she had weird dreams—something about a "pillar of cloud" in her room that seemed to have two red eyes.

Mina's Journal, October 2

  • Again, Mina doesn't sleep well, so she asks Dr. Seward to give her something to help her sleep.
  • History Snack! Sleep aids in 1897 meant combinations of opium and alcohol. That stuff will knock you out. And it's addictive.
  • She takes the sleep aid and falls asleep.

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